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Passive Crypto Income From Your PC’s Unused Resources? [GamerHash Review]

Quick rhetorical question: How does your high-end gaming PC spend its computing power while you’re not gaming? When you’re browsing Facebook, writing emails, or streaming Netflix, for example. Of course, the answer is, it only spends a small fraction of its peak capacity while not performing any resource-intensive tasks, such as graphically-demanding gaming.

Now, wouldn’t it be great if you could “rent out” this spare computing power for some extra bucks whenever your PC is sparsely using its CPU and GPU?

The folks behind GamerHash say they can help you with that. In fact, so long as you enjoy playing video games, they promise to help you earn passive income even if you do not have a high-end PC. More on that later.

First, let’s delve into what GamerHash really is and more importantly, whether or not it is really a practical avenue for you to earn some passive crypto income.

GamerHash? Who are They?

GamerHash is a Polish blockchain firm founded in 2017. The company claims to have built an innovative, blockchain-powered application that lets you monetize the spare computing power of your PC. It’s like a self-financing supercomputer, they add.

Under the hood, GamerHash has some resemblance with multi-currency mining pool implementations. However, as a platform, it seems somewhat bigger than any run-of-the-mill mining pool. Also, the ecosystem, by design, has broader potentials.

The premise is simple. GamerHash offers a self-titled app that evaluates your computer’s capabilities at any given time and then automatically figures out the best possible way to earn that promised passive income on your behalf by using your PC’s unused resources to mine cryptocurrencies.

Gamers receive daily BTC income in the platform wallet.

You can spend your GamerHash earnings in pretty much any way you want. For example, you could hodl your earned Bitcoin as an investment. Alternatively, you could use it to buy games from the GamerHash online store, pay for groceries, buy a Netflix or Spotify subscription, and so on. There are more than 600 digital products in the store.

Who is GamerHash for?

Anybody with a laptop or a desktop computer (Windows 7 onwards) and an internet connection can download and use the GamerHash app. That said, you can earn a sizable passive income even without a high-end PC. In such cases, rather than renting out computing power, you earn your money by performing tasks in games. That’s the Play & Earn module.

From the looks of it, GamerHash has indeed done a neat job by making the app easy-to-use for pretty much anyone, non-savvy users included.

Passive Crypto Income With GamerHash: How Does it Work?

Getting started with GamerHashis easy. You just have to follow these simple steps:

  • Register on
  • Download the app from the website.
  • Launch the installer and follow on-screen instructions.
  • Once the installation is complete, launch the benchmarking process so the app can assess your system and make the most out.
  • No upfront fee required.

When you launch the app, it redirects the excess power of your computer and uses it to mine cryptocurrencies. And here comes the juicy bit that seems to make GamerHash more appealing to a wider spectrum of users. The app itself figures out the most optimal cryptocurrency to mine based on your computer’s available resources.

The system evaluates which out of the 12 supported cryptocurrencies should be mined using the host machine’s CPU and GPU. The Platform is intelligent and can calculate the most profitable option for users at any given time, which means it can switch from one asset to the other in real-time — no additional configuration needed.

This way, you can easily get into crypto mining even without any prior exposure to the asset class.

Payout Option

The mining funds are automatically converted into Bitcoin and deposited into your GamerHash BTC wallet once every day, provided your earning has exceeded 0.01 mBTC (0.00001 BTC). At $38.5k per bitcoin as of today, that’s just $3.9 in dollar-equivalence.

In the Play and Earn module, users can earn money by completing specific tasks such as playing a new MMO game, downloading an app from a GamerHash affiliate, and such.

GamerHash offers two built-in wallets: 

  • GamerHash BTC Wallet: It is the default wallet where your daily earning is deposited at 12:00 CET every day (provided it’s higher than 0.01 mBTC). You can withdraw this fund to an external Bitcoin wallet once you have collected 0.001 BTC or more.
  • GUSD Wallet: GUSD is the native virtual token in the GamerHash ecosystem, pegged to the US dollar. Users earning through the Play and Earn module receive their earnings in GUSD. However, as of today, you can…

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